Next Pioneer Compact DJ Software Controller

The music world is at your fingertips with the DDJ-WeGO4-K, the Pioneer Compact DJ Software Controller. This incredible device has literally all the controls you need. The DDJ-WeGO4-K easily connects to your PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone with a simple USB cable. From there, you can spin and mix like never before. In addition, the DDJ-WeGO4-K supports WeDJ, the in-house Pinoeer DJ performance app. With your purchase, you also get a rekordbox dj license so you can maximize your creativity. However, even with all of these revolutionary controls within your reach, the DDJ-WeGO4-K is totally easy to use with its intuitive and simple layout. When you’re done creating, sharing your masterpiece is easy as pie. The mix is ready to pump out of your speakers or for sharing.

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