Asus ROG

Take your gaming experience anywhere you like with the Asus ROG Android Gaming Phone. Combining Snapdragon with modern cooling, the Android phone produces smooth frame rates for a more enjoyable experience. The display is a mix of beautiful HDR visuals and fast speed. Likewise, the programmable AirTriggers and tactile enhancements improve your comfort and connection. TheĀ gaming phone

offers eight Kyro CPU sores and Adreno 630 graphics, providing more than enough horsepower for the latest games. It also comes with a special chip that clocks up to 2.96GHz, which is almost 200MHz more than stock. The phone also lasts throughout the day by reducing clock speeds when it is idle. Moreover, the GameCool system transfers heat away into the body from the SoC. Refreshing at 90Hz, the large 6-inch display makes gameplay and graphics that much smoother.

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