Kruschhausen Cycles Fiiz

Upgrade your daily commute with the Kruschhausen Cycles Fiiz Full-Size Folding Bicycle. Combining the function of a folding bike with the style of an urban bike, this gadget is a must-have for modern commuters. Fiiz maintains a classic look along with diamond frame bike proportions when it is unfolded. It quickly folds so you can take it along in public transport or put it in your trunk. Thanks to its convenient frame split, Fiiz disassembles in seconds without using any additional tools. Once it is folded, you can effortlessly pull or push it using one hand. Its belt drive is also free of lubricant so it won’t stain your clothes with grease. Once you arrive, just stow your Fiiz away until later. Handmade in Germany, Fiiz comes in multiple color options, including a plain or two-tone power-coated frame.


The folding bike reinterpreted.

Fiiz is a fusion of a stylish urban bike and a functional folding bike.

When unfolded, it keeps the classic look and proportions of a diamond frame bike

and when folded you can easily fit it inside your trunk or take it with you in public transport.

– Handmade in Germany –



Due to its ingenious mechanism, Fiiz can be folded into a very compact size that is very easy to transport. Even with its 26” wheels, it can be easily transported inside a Smart. And it perfectly fits into the luggage rack of the ICE train!

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