MARRKO CORE Complete Core Workout

Take just 5 minutes of your day to strengthen your core with the MARRKO CORE Complete Core Workout. Targeting 29 of your muscles, it helps to stabilize your spine for tons of health benefits. The MARRKO CORE helps workout both your upper and lower body by engaging all of your core muscles. In addition, it puts your torso rotators to work. Altogether, you get a slimmer waist and an impressively strong core. As a result, the MARRKO CORE helps to improve back pain. In addition, your posture will improve over time. The MARRKO CORE is totally adjustable so you can choose the intensity that is best to achieve your goals. Plus, weighing only 10 oz., it also fits in your pocket so you can take it anywhere and everywhere.



you will start to notice changes on your body almost immediately. Backache will start to cease after a few days of exercising and in a month you can get into your bikini!

Fun and simplicity

thanks to its nondemanding and universal nature you will want to „play“ with MARRKO® CORE up to 30 minutes in one go. Can you imagine doing sit-ups for half an hour? Aargh!

A complex

the body works as a unit in optimal coordination of its muscular chains. The result is hence a balanced weighting of the upper body and a beautiful symetrical muscular figure.

You will
feel better

a strong core manifests itself not only in your body, which will gain an elegant posture and a graceful movement, but it will also awaken your self-confidence and contribute to a mental well-being.

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