Me-Mover FIT 2.0 Basic Aerobic System

On the market for a low-impact workout? Look no further. The Me-Mover FIT 2.0 Basic Aerobic System gives you all the benefits of a cardio workout with the damage to your joints. The FIT 2.0 offers an efficient yet full body workout. The movement and sensation are like if you combined running and skiing. In fact, it activates six of the eight major muscle groups. This wheeled system requires your balance and continuous movement. With this, every time you step on it’s an entire calorie-blasting bit of fun. The FIT 2.0 is extremely low impact and gentle on your body. However, it’s fun and entertaining to ride about town. Designed for exercise rather than your commute, the FIT 2.0 does fold down so you can take with you anywhere.

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