iBlue Immobilizer Smart Car Security System

iBlue Immobilizer

Secure your car with the innovative iBlue Immobilizer Smart Car Security System. Saving your car from theft, this clever device is a small black box that connects to the vehicle control system and can disable the ignition of your car.

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Equipped with Bluetooth and controllable through the free app, the iBlue Immobilizer system is easy to configure and use. Due to its small size and lack of wires, the device remains hidden for further security. Using advanced technology, the iBlue Immobilizer can even start your car automatically without having to touch your keys or smartphone. The app can also be used to see your car’s history, drive time, and more statistics. Keep your car safe from theft with the iBlue Immobilizer Smart Car Security System.

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    Phone compatibility

    Every iBlue device is compatible with all phones that use the iOS 10.0 (or later), Android OS 4.4 (or later) operating system and Bluetooth® 4.0 (or later) wireless technology.

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