Modern Movement M-Pad

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Work on your balance and train your core anywhere with the Modern Movement M-Pad Balance Trainer. This training system uses a tilt and swivel motion to mimic movements that you do in real life. Likewise, it offers a wide range of motion. By downloading the accompanying app, you can access training programs, tests, and games on your phone or TV. In fact, the M-Pad comes with a mobile device cradle that holds your smartphone, enabling motion-tracking sensors in the app.

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Additionally, you can track your workouts to monitor your improvement. The M-Pad offers three challenge levels, allowing you to adjust the height and difficulty accordingly. You can confidently use the balance trainer thanks to its textured surface, which maintains traction. The M-Pad also collapses so you can carry it in your bag to the gym or work

  • Sync with M-Trac App to create a seamless integration of technology and strength
  • Track results on device, log number of reps and range of movement & store workout history
  • Project M-Trac onto a monitor or TV for easier viewing
  • 13 training options includes two games
  • 3 height pads for 3 levels of skill
  • Mobile device tray displays M-Trac App
  • Tilt & Swivel for optimum instability
  • Textured surface designed for traction


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